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Fashionable Living Room with Accent Sofa

We came across The Haute Interiors by Nina on Instagram and were really impressed by all the sleek and elegant room styling posts shared on the account. Our favourite look, however, was this very vogue living room that is full of statement pieces, while still having a very minimalist and clean look. As such, we’ve taken on the challenge of recreating this designer look to the best of our ability using only high street items.

We hope you find this post helpful for your personal home styling!

And as always, you can click on any image or hyperlink to be re-directed to the website on which you can purchase it.


1. Sofa:

Swoon Editions Tivoli Three-Seater Sofa, Emerald, £934

Let’s be honest – the sofa makes the room. The luxurious emerald-coloured velvet sofa turns the room from ‘nice’ to ‘wow!’. We were such big fans of the inspiration sofa that not a stone was left unturned to find you the perfect alternative.

This Swoon Editions Tivoli Three-Seater Sofa above is definitely our favourite alternative! We love the emerald shade, the sleek armrests, height and mahogany peg legs. We also like that this sofa is available sized as a two-seater sofa for £849 and as a corner sofa for £1,359.

Barker and Stonehouse Belmont Sofa, Green Velvet, £995

Another sofa we really like for many of the same reasons we like the Tivoli Sofa is this Barker and Stonehouse Belmont Sofa. One feature that really stands out to us in this piece is the curvature of the armrests, which we think makes it incredibly elegant.

DFS Eden Large Sofa, Forrest Green Luxe Velvet, £1,199

An alternative for those who like a little more padding next to the armrests is this DFS Eden Sofa. It also comes sized as a medium for £1,099 for those who want to furnish a cosier space. Moby 2 Seater Sofa, Pine Green Velvet, £499

Lastly, we thought we’d throw this Moby 2-Seater Sofa into the mix. This sofa works well for a smaller space and makes a bigger statement look, all while costing a fraction of the price!


2. Coffee Table: Safavieh Peter Coffee Table , £279.99

When we started our search for high street-priced alternatives to The Haute Interiors inspiration coffee table, we actually came across the coffee table on, and we just had to include it in our post! We love the delicate and sinuous gold metal frame. Like the rest of the room, it’s both a minimalist and a statement piece. It’s also our favourite ‘alternative’ coffee table to recreate the look.

Now, for those of you that aren’t as in love with the original coffee table, we also found similar and equally beautiful coffee tables in West Elm and Marks & Spencer that we think would look stunning with the rest of the decor! Check them out below and let us know if you like them, too!


West Elm Terrace Coffee Table, £399



Marks & Spencer Madison Glass Coffee Table, £263.20


3. Statement Feathered Ceiling Lighting:

 |  2  |  3

We think the white feather chandelier in the inspiration living room is just dreamy! It adds both texture and a pop of colour against the stone-coloured walls. Above are our favourite alternatives to the original chandelier. Depending on the size of your room and the height of your ceiling, some chandeliers may work better than others. Either click on the corresponding number above or link below to shop these picks!

  1. Aurora 1 Light Design Pendant 30x30cm, £43.00
  2. Graham and Green Aurora Vita Eos Feather Pendant Shade in White – Medium (30x45cm): £99 / Large (40x65cm): £199
  3. Laura Ashley Feather Cloud Pendant, 26x40cm, £44.10


4. Mirror:

 |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5

The world needs more mirrors (& more sweeping statements)! Not only are mirrors incredibly functional (spinach in teeth? stray hair?), they also increase the light in any room and make it feel more spacious. So if there is ever a choice between ‘mirror’ or ‘no mirror’ – we vote mirror. Above is a collection of our favourite alternative mirrors. We chose ones with beautiful metal frames that we thought would best complement the other pieces in the room. To shop these beauties either click on the corresponding number above or link below!

  1. Ikea Songe Mirror Silver-colour, 91x130cm, £100
  2. John Lewis Slim Wilde Mirror, Gold 87x62cm, £65
  3. John Lewis Wilde Mirror, Gold 99x74cm, £95
  4. John Lewis Wilde Mirror, Gold 114x83cm, £125
  5. John Lewis Bead Mirror, Champagne, 110x79cm, £150


5. Floor Lamp:

 |  2  |  3

When it came to finding a floor lamp to replace the very unique black and white polka dot gold tripod floor lamp in The Haute Interiors living room post, it was tough. Really tough. It seems that the high street does not sell as many of these unique floor lamps as you might think. Gold tripod floor lamp frame? Sure. Black lamp shade? Yes! White lamp shade? Of course! Black and white polka dots? Not so much…  So I have to say, we did not find an exact replacement, but we think that any of the lamps above would look beautiful alongside the other furniture. For fun, we even added a non-tripod gold statement lamp!

  1. Argos Collection Trilby Brushed Brass Tripod Floor Lamp, Black, £49.99
  2. Frances Tripod Floor Lamp in Brass, £99
  3. Flambeau Fragment 171cm Floor Lamp £218.99


6. Rug:

 |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5

There isn’t a whole lot to say about these rugs other than aren’t they all so pretty and shiny? We looked for the most luxurious-looking rugs we could find on the high street and online to put in our selection of alternative rugs. We hope you see one you like!

  1. Modern Rugs Blade Silver Rugs 120x170cm, £169
  2. Modern Rugs Delano Grey Rug, 120x170cm, £169 
  3. Modern Rugs Reko French Silver Rug, 120x170cm, £129
  4. West Elm Carved Triangle Wool Rug, Platinum 152x244cm,  £299
  5. Marks & Spencer M&S Collection Shine Rug, Silver, 170x120cm, £209


7. Watercolour Print Cushions:

1  |   2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10

One of the last, yet most important details in completing a living room look is the choice of cushions, which is why we’ve provided an abundance of cushions above! And before you think it – no, they are not all the same cushion! Some of them are variations of the same fabric ( numbers 2&3, 5&6 and 7&8), and would look amazing as pairs. Personally our favourite cushion is the one numbered 1. We love that the cushion is covered in soft and subtle colours with tiny pop bright colours.

  1. Chasing Waterfalls Cushion Cover, 45x45cm, £45.99
  2. Lipstick Cushion Cover, 45x45cm, £39.99
  3. Lipstick Cushion Cover, 45x45cm, £45.99
  4. I Feel It All Scatter Cushion, 45x45cm, £52.99
  5. Abundance Cushion Cover, 45x45cm, £42.99
  6. Abundance Cushion Cover, 45x45cm, £26.99
  7. Fae Flowers Cushion Cover, 45x45cm, £45.99
  8. Fae Flowers Scatter Cushion, 45x45cm, £48.99
  9. Debenhams Multicoloured Linen ‘Floreale’ Cushion, 50x30cm, £50
  10. John Lewis Bluebellgray Medina Print Cotton Cushion, 50x30cm, £42


8. Wall Art:

 |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6

When first viewing The Haute Interiors inspiration living room, our eyes first went to the sofa (swoon) and then directly to the portrait of the beautiful woman with the most amazing hat. When looking to give an alternative to that portrait, we focused on finding two things: 1) an arresting image of feminine beauty (prints 1, 2, 5 and 6) and 2) the rich, deep colours found in the inspiration artwork (which all our alternatives have). We think any of these prints would complete this look beautifully and hope you like them as much as we do!

  1. Etsy Paolo Roversi Series 1 Fashion, Portrait, Oil Painting Art Print by Leigh Viner 20x30in, £103.63
  2. Etsy Fashion Illustration Art Print, Portrait, Mixed Media Painting by Leigh Viner – Soft Rapture, 24x30in, £112.07
  3. John Lewis Wassily Kandinsky Decisive Pink Framed Print, 66x82cm, £200
  4. John Lewis Gustav Klimt Farm Garden with Sunflowers Framed Print, 52x52cm, £125
  5. John Lewis Gustav Klimt The Kiss Framed Print, 70x51cm, £150
  6. Pretty Anne Poster, 50x70cm, £22.95


We hope you found this post helpful and pleasing to view! Let us know if you have any home design inspiration you’d like for us to make a reality!

Until next time! x

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