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Resort Style Rattan Dining Room


Is it summer yet? We very much wish it were! And for that reason, we’ve dedicated this post to recreating this rattan summery dining room – because even if it’s winter outside, we can make it summer inside!

Our inspiration for today’s recreation comes from Mendekor, an Indonesian interior design site and shop, who have clearly mastered the art of resort-styling. There are so many things we love about Mendekor’s dining room inspiration – the summer vibes from the rattan, the chic look of the monochrome, and rustic charm of the vases and the life brought in by the house plant – that we could not resist recreating this look with items from the high street!

We hope you find this post helpful in your personal home decor, but if not, we hope it at least fills you with thoughts of summer!

As always, click on any item or hyperlink to shop your favourite look!


1. Table

West Elm Hourglass Dining Table, £399

We believe that when it’s right, it’s right – and this table is definitely right! In looking for items to recreate this look, this was our luckiest find. Believe it or not, but this ‘airy, metal base’ (West Elm’s description, not ours) is actually not all that common as a table base, which is why we were incredibly relieved to find it. And although it’s not an exact replica of the inspiration table, we think that it is still the best high street option to recreate our resort-styled monochrome dining room.

  1. West Elm Hourglass Dining Table, £399


2. Chair:

Habitat Mickey Synthetic Rattan Dining Chair, Natural & Black, £64

Rattan is really the key to making any room feel like a tropical holiday resort. Just seeing this rattan chair takes us to a place made of turquoise beaches, enveloping warmth and the smell of suncream. Now, we can’t promise that this chair will take you to the same place, it is just a chair after all, so it would be a lot to ask of it at £64. BUT we can promise that it would make a great pairing with the West Elm table above and be the key to capturing that resort feel.

  1. Habitat Mickey Synthetic Rattan Dining Chair , Natural & Black, £64


3. Ceiling Lighting:

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6

More rattan, please! In addition to the rattan chair, the other clincher to achieving the inspiration look is having the right rattan ceiling light. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite high street rattan pendants that we believe would be key to completing the look. Our favourite ceiling light is the Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp (numbered 1 above), which at just £40 is a total steal! Lastly, as you may have noticed, we also added a floor lamp for those who don’t own homes and would like their deposits back at the end of their leases!

  1. Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp Bamboo, £40 
  2. Wayfair.co.uk Breakwater Bay Worthland 1 Light Globe Pendant, £75.99
  3. Wayfair.co.uk Bright Life Burdon 1-Light Foyer Pendant, £96.99
  4. John Lewis Truman String Pendant Ceiling Light, £195
  5. Maison du Monde Black Metal and Woven Rattan Floor Lamp, £219
  6. Wayfair.co.uk Hokku Designs Lora 1-Light Inverted Pendant, £99.99


4. Black Sideboard:

1  |  2  |  3

Can we just say that we love Ikea?! Not only does it make for an afternoon of people-watching, meatball-eating and buying of unnecessary things, it also genuinely has some really great value items! A couple of these are shown above. Our personal favourite: the Hemnes, which looks great, provides storage, and most importantly, completes our inspiration look perfectly!

  1. Ikea Hemnes Black-Brown Sideboard, £195
  2. Ikea Malsjo Black Stained Sideboard, £350
  3. Maisons du Monde Clarence Mango Wood Glazes Sideboard in Black, £799.50

5. Vases:

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10

One of the design features we most love from our inspiration dining room, is the rustic vases. While the rattan says ‘holiday resort’, the vases say ‘exotic location’. So there. The vases are as much a key to this look at the rattan (who would have guessed?). We’ve put together a selection of our favourite rustic vases above, which we think would perfectly complement the rest of the furniture.

  1. Made.com Halla Large Earthenware Vase in Matt Black, 51x13cm, £35
  2. Made.com Halla Medium Earthenware Vase in Matt Black, 35x12cm, £25
  3. Made.com Nisse A Large Embossed Vase in Black, 25×13.5cm, £20
  4. Made.com Nisse Medium Embossed Vase in Black, 18x15cm, £18
  5. La Redoute Loriate Matt Glass Vase in Black, 19x25cm, £44
  6. La Redoute Loriate Matt Glass Vase in Black, 15x20cm, £26
  7. La Redoute Vilasia Papier Maché Vase, 18×26.5cm, £41
  8. Habitat Hobart Black Ceramic Vase, 17x20cm, £24
  9. Zara Home Dark Grey Vase, 23.5x17cm, £29.99
  10. H&M Large Stoneware Vase, H28.5, £19.99


6. House Plant:

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5

Last, but not least: the house plant. While we can’t help you keep these plants alive, we can tell you where to find some great value ones – Ikea and Waitrose! We love Ikea for house plants for three reasons: 1) they tend to come in great condition, 2) you can see them in person when shopping for them and 3) they are super well-priced! And for those of you who don’t have a green thumb, Ikea even has a great artificial bamboo (numbered 2). It may be time to say that this post is not sponsored by Ikea. We promise.

  1. Ikea Dracaena Marginata Dragon Tree 3-Stem, £12
  2. Ikea Fejka Artificial Bamboo, £35
  3. Ikea Howea Forsteriana Kentia Palm, £39
  4. Waitrose Howea Forsteriana Kentia Palm, 80cm, £27.99
  5. Waitrose Howea Forsteriana Kentia, 120cm, £55.99


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Until next time, x

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