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Modern and Sophisticated Living Room in Neutral Colours


Anyone else also in love with neutral colour palettes? We think there is something so timeless and inviting about neutral colours!

This week our home design inspiration comes from the very talented Australian interior decorator, Monica Bean. When we first came across this living room we fell in love with its simplicity and sophistication. We think of this living room as the kind of room that feels very designer, yet can be re-created with only a handful of key pieces – and to quote the iconic American chef Ida Garten, “How easy is that?”.

We hope you find this post helpful in creating your perfect designer living room.

As always, click on any item or hyperlink to shop your favourite look! Dallas 3 Seater Sofa, Outback Tan Premium Leather, £1,399

One of the things we most love about the Monica Bean inspiration living room is the leather sofa because somehow on its own, this sofa looks casual and ordinary, a sofa you might allow your Great Dane to sit upon, yet in the inspiration living room it looks very designer chic. We also love the colouring of the leather the angularity of the armrests, and we love that if one day you decide to redesign your living room, you could easily repurpose this sofa to fit seamlessly into a study or a games’ room. Lara Accent Chair in Champagne, £139

We were so happy when we came across this chair because we were about ready to give up and tell you all to make do with a different colour accent chair (but we didn’t – and that’s what matters!). But then, as if out of the heavens, we found this chair. Thank you Home Essentials! We’re so happy with this find because the 2 statement armchairs are such a big part of the inspiration look. They add elegance which nicely balances with the leather sofa. We really are all about these chairs! Margot Accent Chair in Pewter Grey Velvet, £399

For those that aren’t as crazy about the colour champagne, or have kids or pets who may not be super tidy, we think this accent chair is lovely and would also go super well with the inspiration room. A happy alternative!


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When it came to finding the perfect, almost-identical coffee table at a high street price, we found it – but sadly it was out of stock. BUT then we came across these beautiful alternatives. We think any of these coffee tables would look great with the sofa and accent chairs – our personal favourite is probably the Everly Aman Geometric coffee table from because it looks very designer at a very reasonable price!

  1., Everly Aman Geometric Glass 2-Piece Coffee Table Set, £214.99
  2., Andrew Coffee Table, £141.99
  3. Atkin and Thyme, Orion Coffee Table, £379 Bow Large Floor Lamp, Black and White Marble, £99

We often like to give you plenty of alternatives for any one item, but when we find the perfect item at a great price we think ‘why confuse you with too many choices?!’. We also don’t think a collage of identical black lights would look all that great either, which is how you’ve ended up with one lamp. You can click on the image to buy this lamp!


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Mirror, mirror on the wall… I know we’ve said this before, but we’re happy to say it again: We love mirrors! We especially love round mirrors because we consider them to make more of an aesthetic statement than square mirrors. In our inspiration living room, the mirror doesn’t even have a frame – and it looks great! Now, a rectangular mirror would have a hard time getting away with being frameless. And we won’t even go into the practicality of mirrors because, given the height at which the round mirror is mounted in our inspiration living room, it was either intended only for aesthetic reasons or for a family of giants. Regardless, we think it looks great.

  1. Patsy Large Round Black Wall Mirror, £195
  2. West Elm Frameless Oversized Round Mirror, £169


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There are definitely more than 3 decorative accessories in the inspiration room, but we picked out the ones we thought were most striking and found you alternatives for those. The phrenology head may even be identical to the one in the inspiration living room, though perhaps a phrenology head is a phrenology head is a phrenology head…? Anyway, if you so choose to purchase one to complete your living room look, could we suggest that you at least name it? It would make it so much more of a statement. As for the globe and the silver metal object – we think they would both look great alongside the rest of the decor pieces!

  1. Graham and Green, Large Ceramic Phrenology Head, £70
  2. John Lewis Globe on Wooden Stand, Black, £65
  3. West Elm Symmetry Object, Large, Silver, £27.20


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What we really like about the rug in the inspiration living room is how it very subtly adds grey tones into the room. The grey of the rug then goes on to complement the grey and monochrome cushions and this really ties into the black statement wall and the black lamp. We also think that the thick wool weave really adds to the elegance of the room. Our personal favourite rug is the Savannah Grey Rug by Modern Rugs, which is numbered one above, and which we think is a great dupe of the rug numbered two, yet is only a quarter of the price!

  1. Modern Rugs Savannah Grey Rug, 160x230cm, £319
  2. Modern Rugs Ligne Pure Solid Beige/ Grey Rug, 170x240cm, £1,179
  3. Modern Rugs Calvin Klein Lowland Basalt Rug, 160x226cm, £379


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Did anyone else know how inexpensive H&M cushion covers were?! Are they great value or what? We are so impressed by the design and price of these cushion covers that we’ve included quite a few of them in our cushion selection above. While we couldn’t find the exact cushions as shown in the inspiration photo, we found ones that we thought would go with the spirit of the design – greys, blacks and off-whites with bold designs. We also added ones that had beautiful texture, as we believe that this would soften the room. We hope you like our pick of high street cushions!

  1. Marks & Spencer Banbury Cushion, Dark Grey, 50x50cm, £9.50
  2. Cox & Cox Cotton Monochrome Stripe Cushion, 60x60cm, £27.50
  3. Zara Home Faux Leather Appliqué Linen Cushion Cover, 40x40cm, £29.99
  4. H&M Patterned Cushion Cover, 50x50cm, £3.99
  5. Habitat Armure Charcoal, 50x50cm, £10
  6. H&M Velvet Cushion Cover, Grey, 40x40cm £6.99
  7. H&M Velvet Cushion Cover, Black, 40x40cm, £6.99
  8. H&M Patterned Cushion Cover, Natural White/ Black Patterned, 50x50cm, £3.99
  9. Rose & Grey, Grey Quilted Cushion, 60x40cm, £45


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Until next time, x

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