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Scandinavian Monochrome Living Room


There is something about a monochrome colour palette and a wall full of Scandi prints that  makes our minds wander to high fashion models. Perhaps it’s the timelessness of a muted colour palette, or the acute artistic taste needed to compile a cohesive collage of prints, or perhaps it’s that the room – with restrained, but intentional decor – seems to be saying ‘I’m naturally beautiful enough to need minimal embellishment’. Regardless, the stylishness and beauty of this room are a good match for it’s owner, the beautiful Swedish fashion and travel blogger, Victoria Tönregren.

We are particularly fond of this living room because we see it as a perfect example of how to make a cosy space feel very designer – from the wall of prints to the ceiling lighting, everything is so well thought out! And, we’re excited to report that as this aesthetic is very much in fashion at the moment, replicating this room can be done on a pretty tight budget (for the most part)!

We hope you find this post helpful for your personal home styling!

And, as always, you can click on any image or hyperlink to be re-directed to the website on which you can purchase it. Julianne 3 Seater Sofa, Concrete Cotton Velvet, £999

We strayed a little bit from our mandate in sofa-picking when we came across this concrete velvet sofa. Though we set out on our search for the perfect alternative with the full intention of finding a black leather sofa to give our highest recommendation, we failed because we fell in love with this beauty. Not to say that we didn’t find really nice leather alternatives (look below), but there is just something about the sleek, delicate design, the skinny peg legs, and the concrete colour of this piece that we think elevates it above our leather sofa finds. What do you think? Do you agree?


1  |  2  |  3  |  4

As for our black sofa finds, above are three options in leather (faux and genuine), as well as one in cotton. We like them all for different reasons, the first sofa is a total steal at only £419, then the second sofa has such a cool and modern design with clean angles, the third sofa we think is a the most elegant of the (faux) leather designs above and the forth sofa offers comfort and is made of genuine leather, which would increase durability. Regardless of your favourite, we think any of the above sofas would be a great choice!

  1. Maison du Monde Phoenix Black 3-Seater Tufted Clic Clac Sofa Bed, £419
  2. Swoon Editions Berlin Three-Seater Sofa, Black Pearl, £1,099
  3. Dwell Paris Faux Leather Three Seater Sofa Bed Black, £1,199
  4. Zinc Leather in Black Combination 4 Seater Sofa, £1,695 Justa Leather Lounge Chair, £209.99

This may of may not be the same chair Ms Tornegren used to furnish her flat, which is why we did not offer you any other alternatives to it. We love the slinky nature of this chair, which looks effortlessly elegant and cool. We’re especially big fans of the frame of this chair, which in itself is a statement piece. Whereas the inspiration chair frame has a black frame, we believe that the brass frame on our find would tie in beautifully with the ceiling light and chosen table decor.


1  |  2  |  3  |  4

We’ll be the first to admit that our coffee table picks look incredibly similar. But we promise they’re actually all different tables. Our personal favourite of these is the Mercury Row Manitoba Table, which is numbered one above. We think the height versus general size of this coffee table goes best with the minimalist, understated spirit of the design. We also want to give a nod the the Tesco Harris Marble Effect Coffee Table, which at just £47 is an amazing deal!

  1. Mercury Row Manitoba Coffee Table, £389.99
  2. Mercury Row Egbert Coffee Table, Concrete, £102.99
  3. Tesco Harris Marble Effect Coffee Table, £47
  4. Swoon Editions, Cassius Coffee Table, Marble & Matt Black, £399


1  |  2  |  3

The berber rug is all the rage right now! It’s become a bit of a challenge to find beautifully decorated rooms that don’t have a berber rug. Here at Home Design Sleuth, we’re all about the berber rug. We love the luscious pile, the bold print that is somehow a statement, but also understated, and the Moroccan tradition. Our favourite of our picks is the Kuba rug (numbered one), which has a unique design and a great price!

  1. Ross & Brown Kuba Cotton Rug by House Doctor, 200x140cm, £185
  2. Fes Tufted Rug, 120x170cm, £229
  3. Zara Home Geometric Design Wool Rug, 150x200cm, £349.99


1  |  2  |  3  |  4

Let’s start by saying we’re kind of in love with hanging oversized single bulbs. Now, from a lighting-up-an-entire-room perspective, we’re not going to lie, they’re not great. BUT from a design perspective, they add so much. The bulb seems to say ‘i’m designer, but not at all stuffy’, and we think that’s a very cool statement.

  1. Maison du Monde Rosaline Copper Metal and Glass Pendant, D30cm, £85.25
  2. Ikea Slattbo Pendant Lamp Copper-Colour, £15
  3. John Lewis House by John Lewis Watt Pendant, Silver, £55
  4. West Elm Globe Ceiling Lamp, Clear, Medium, £119


1  |  2  |  3

In the inspiration living room, a wicker basket is cleverly used instead of a plant pot. We love that it adds a splash of a warmer neutral colour to go along with the leather accent chair in an otherwise monochrome room. We’ve put together some of our favourite finds above, which are all so well priced!

  1. Habitat Bergera Water Hyyacinth Storage Basket, £30
  2. Habitat Duffield Woven Water Hyacinth Storage Basket with Handles, £30
  3. Ikea Fladis Basket, Seagrass, £10


1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8

We are almost certain that Ms Tornegren bought her prints from and we love that she did! Desenio offers such high quality prints at very low prices, making it easy to replicate the statement wall look without spending too much money! Above we’ve added some of the exact prints from the inspiration living room as well as other prints from the site that we think would look amazing together.

  1. Kate Moss, Life is a Joke Print, 50x70cm, £59.95
  2. In the Smoke Poster, 21x30cm, £6.95
  3. Let the Light In Poster, 21x30cm, £7.95
  4. Bike B&W Poster, 50x70cm, £21.95
  5. Moon Phase Poster, 30x40cm, £9.95
  6. New York Poster, Black, 50x70cm, £21.95
  7. & Poster, 21x30cm, £5.95
  8. London Poster, 30x40cm, £11.95


1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9

How cool are the candlestick holders and candelabras above?! We’re totally in love with funky metallic designs. They are beautiful, reasonably priced and practical in the case of a power outage, which although is not a frequent occurrence, can happen. And, if it does, won’t you be glad you have candles to light up your living space? We are especially big fans of the designs, as well as the H&M tealight holder numbered seven above, which we think is a pretty good Tom Dixon dupe.

  1. Verona Medium Angle Single Candlestick, Brass, £8
  2. Verona Square Angle Triple Candlestick, Brass, £20
  3. Verona Triangle Angle Double Candlestick, Brass, £15
  4. Ikea Parlband Candelabra, £12
  5. Ikea Parlband Candlestick, £6
  6. H&M Metal Tealight Holder, Gold, £4.99
  7. H&M Metal Tealight Holder, Gold-coloured, £6.99
  8. Zara Home Multiple Branch Candelabra, £29.99
  9. Zara Home Candlestick with Marble Base, £29.99


Ikea Howea Forsteriana Potted Plant, Kentia Palm, £39

Last but not least: the house plant. In our opinion, a plant adds life to any room, regardless of it is real or artificial. It also adds a nice pop of colour and texture. We really like Ikea as a place to find plants in the UK because the plants are nicely grown and well-priced! We’ve only included our favourite alternative plant above, as we recently did a Top Picks of plant options in our Resort Style Rattan Dining Room post, here. Feel free to browse for other plants that would work well in this living room.

We hope you found this post helpful and pleasing to view! Let us know if you have any home design inspiration you’d like for us to make a reality!

Until next time! x

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