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Our latest design inspiration comes from the very talented Australian designers, Design Twins. We fell in love with this hallway space because it looks so fresh and clean. Against a white or off-white wall this hallway looks almost spa-like. We’re especially big fans of the combination of the androgynous colour scheme and the subtly feminine accents. Like is the case with many of our inspiration looks, we love that this look can be recreated with very few items helping keep your home de-cluttered and the cost down!

We hope you find this post helpful in designing your dream home.

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In replicating this look, our number one priority was finding the perfect console table. It had to have a real marble top and it had to have a black frame. Why? Well, with regard to the marble, it’s definitely the star of the show – as the design is so simple and clean, the marble is the standout feature. And, with regard to the black frame, it – alongside the black frame of the round mirror – sets the monochrome tone. So, given that criteria, we gathered our favourite console tables for this look above. We were tempted to go with 100% rectangular console tables, but for fun, we’ve added one with rounded out corners! Which do you prefer?

  1. Swoon Editions Cassius Console Table, Marble & Matt Black, £399
  2. Maisons du Monde Marble, White Marble and Black Metal Console Table, £309.50
  3. Hazelwood Home Marble Rectangular Console Table, White / Black, £288.99
  4. Swoon Editions Sienna Console Table, White Marble & Black, £399


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There isn’t a whole lot to say about a collection of round mirrors with black frames, so we added a funky one (number two above) to make our picks a bit more interesting. And, although we really do like our funky mirror pick, we must warn you that it will make your hallway look a little less spa-like, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. From the mirrors above, and with the understanding of wanting to keep the design very zen, we would probably choose the Maisons du Monde Lucas mirror (numbered four) because we love the delicate frame and the price!

  1. Maisons du Monde Urban Round Black Metal and Tinted Glass Mirror, D90cm, £194.50
  2. Maisons du Monde Massala Round Black Metal Mirror, D101cm, £253.50
  3. Maisons du Monde Stratford Metal Mirror, Black, D159cm, £425.50
  4. Maisons du Monde Lucas Round Metal Mirror, D81cm, £89.99
  5. Habitat Patsy Large Round Black Wall Mirror, D82cm, £195
  6. Svedbergs Round Mirror, D60cm, £227.99
  7. West Elm Metal Framed Round Wall Mirror, Antiqued Bronze, D76cm, £249


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The high street is really winning at making candlestick holders right now. We’re so impressed by the high end aesthetic and the reasonable pricing. In our collection above, we did include the actual inspiration candlestick holders as an option, though they aren’t as reasonably-priced. We personally are all about the Verona candle stickholders – they’re sleek, fashionable and definitely won’t break the bank!

  1. Habitat Caxton Black Dinner Candle Holder, H27cm, £25
  2. Habitat Caxton Black Dinner Candle Holder, H10cm, £15
  3. Verona Medium-sized Angular Candlestick, Black, £8
  4. Verona Angled Double Candlestick, Matt Black, £15
  5. Verona Angled Triple Candlestick, Matt Black, £20
  6. by Lassen, Kubus 1, Black, £58
  7. by Lassen Line, Black, £94
  8. H&M Tall Candlestick, Black, £8.99
  9. Ikea PS 2017 Candlestick for 3 Candles, Silver-coloured, £10


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Though small in size, we think the white vase in the inspiration designer look really adds a lot to the finished look. We love that it’s so small and the leaf is so big. We also love that it has a really cool geometric texture to it. Above, we’ve collected our favourite high street vases – all on the small size and all of which we think would look great alongside the other decor pieces!

  1. Asda George Set of 3 Vases, H14cm, £14
  2. West Elm Egg Pure White Ceramic Vase, H13cm, £12
  3. Zara Home Ceramic Vase with Grey Rubberised Finish, H16cm, £19.99
  4. Zara Home White Ceramic Vase, H20cm, £29.99
  5. Zara Home Leaf-shaped Small Ceramic Vase, H24cm, £19.99
  6. Massivum Oliver Table Vase, H8cm, £16.99
  7. Kaiser Porzellan Bierdermeier Vase, H13cm, £18.99
  8. Madura Origamis Table Vase, Mid Grey, H10cm, £18.99


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There’s something about a small box that’s really enchanting and a bit mysterious – what is in it?! But actually, please tell us what you put in your small boxes. We’re dying to know! Anyway, regardless of their functionality (or lack thereof), we appreciate them for what they are: pretty. We’ve found a lot of small, pretty boxes that we think would go beautifully in replicating the inspiration look.

  1. Lombok Siri Small Bone Inlay Box, £135
  2. West Elm Black Pyramid Decorative Box, £27.20
  3. West Elm Brass Inlay Marble Box, Square, £35.20
  4. Castleton Home Bowerbird Decorative Box, £41.99
  5. John Lewis Stackers Marble Effect Geometric Trinket Jewellery Box, White, £16
  6. Castleton Home Bowerbird Decorative Box, £40.99
  7. Castleton Home Bowerbird Decorative Box, £36.99
  8. John Lewis West Elm Geo Marble Rectangle Box, Small, £29
  9. Artisanti Maracroix Black and White Textured Decorative Bone Box, £62



West Elm Faux Monstera Leaf, £7.20

When it came to finding alternatives for the faux leaf, we considered giving you many options for a brief minute. But in that minute we came across this replica from West Elm, which as just £7.20 is perfect. Click the image to buy!

If you must have another option, the West Elm Faux Palm Leaf Branch at £15.20 would also look great., Chanel: Collections and Creations, Hardcover, £17.75

Last, but not least, is this beautiful Chanel coffee table book, which is just about the only ‘Chanel’ anything we will ever recommend! This being a reflection on our commitment to high street prices and not a commentary on the Chanel aesthetic. Click the image to buy!


We hope you found this post helpful and pleasing to view! Let us know if you have any home design inspiration you’d like for us to make a reality!

Until next time! x

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