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Beautiful Minimalist Danish Dining Room

Hello Friends! Today we’re recreating one of the most beautiful dining rooms we have ever seen, designed by the incredibly talented Danish stylist Jeanett Wellendorf. At first sight, we love how bright, airy and natural this dining room is, but we’re really drawn in by the various designer details – the chairs with natural cord seats, the table top made of 2 planks of wood, the statement ceiling lights, and all the other details.

Given our fandom of this dining room, we’ve taken it as inspiration for today’s Inspiration: Reimagined. We hope you’re as happy with the alternatives we offer as we are and that you find this post helpful in designing your dream home.

As always, you can click on any specific image, number or hyperlink to shop any item! 


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When it comes to recreating a dining room look finding the right dining table is pretty important! Our inspiration dining table has a few key features we really like: the natural wood, the designer square metal frame, and the two slabs put together to create the table top. In looking for the best alternative dining table, we focused on those characteristics, but sadly we weren’t able to find them all together in one table at a high street price. What we’ve done instead is gather our favourite dining tables above that have at least one of the key features. We hope you like our alternatives! Our personal favourites are tables numbered one and nine, which funnily enough are both the most and least expensive of our choices!

  1. John Lewis Croft Collection Lorn 6-10 Seater Extending Dining Table, Oak, £1,500
  2. Ikea Ekedalen Extendable Table, Birch, £240
  3. Made.com Deauville Dining Table, Oak, £299
  4. Wayfair.co.uk Home Loft Concept David Goliath Dining Table, £159.99
  5. Made.com Fjord Rectangle Dining Table, Oak, £229
  6. Ikea Morbylanga Table, Oak Veneer Brown Stain, £500
  7. Dwell.co.uk Crossed Leg Walnut Dining Table, £449
  8. Wayfair.co.uk Massivum Camano Dining Table, £394.99
  9. Ikea Ypperlig Table, Ash, £150


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Should dining chairs be stylish or comfortable? We have yet to make up our minds on that. In the meantime, please take a look at our collection of very stylish chairs above! We can’t promise you’ll prefer these to your sofa (with regard to comfort), but boy will they look nice surrounding your dining table! Our personal favourite is probably the inspiration dining chair, which we have above as number one, but we think they are all very beautiful.

  1. Graham and Green Natural Ningbo Chair, £195
  2. Habitat Oregan Oak Chair with Natural Cord Seat, £160
  3. Cox & Cox Two Oak & Jute Chairs, £425
  4. Swoon Editions Olsen Acacia Dining Chair, £229
  5. Swoon Editions Daven Acacia Dining Chair, Set of Two, £199
  6. Wayfair.co.uk Hokku Designs Soho Upholstered Dining Chair £119.99
  7. Wayfair.co.uk Norden Home Everalda Solid Wood Dining Chair, £169.99
  8. Made.com Set of 2 Fjord Dining Chairs, Oak, £100


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Can we just say that we love funky ceiling lights?! They really make all the difference. They turn a room from ‘nice’ to ‘wow’, and we love that you can have this effect without spending much money at all! For example, the light numbered one above is only £18 and it’s gorgeous! That said, we love all the ceiling lights in our picks and we hope you love them, too!

  1. Ikea Knappa Pendant Light, White, £18
  2. West Elm Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Chandelier, White, £299
  3. Ikea PS Maskros Pendant Light, £90
  4. Wayfair.co.uk Home Loft Concept Nala 1-Light Globe Pendant, £45.99
  5. Wayfair.co.uk Dyberg Larsen PineApple 1 Light Geometric Pendant, £149.99
  6. Wayfair.co.uk Naeve Leuchten 1 Light Geometric Pendant, £73.99
  7. Wayfair.co.uk Home Loft Concept Nala 1-Light Geometric Pendant, £38.99
  8. Trouva Vita Copenhagen Medium White Silvia Lamp Shade, £64


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There really isn’t much to say about these rugs other than that we think they would all go swimmingly with the rest of the decor and tie everything together nicely. Let us know if you’d like more rug chat the next time around! If so, we promise to deliver.

  1. Modern Rugs Savannah Grey Rugs, 160x230cm, £319
  2. Modern Rugs Linden Silver Rugs, 160x230cm, £289
  3. Modern Rugs Sumimi Grey Rugs, 160x230cm, £259
  4. Habitat Kenny Grey Large Grey Wool Flatweave Rug, 170x240cm, £450
  5. John Lewis Croft Collection Gabro Rug, Grey, 170x240cm, £550
  6. Habitat Kygo Large Grey Wool Rug, 170x240cm, £300
  7. John Lewis Ardley Rug, Cream, 170x240cm, £525
  8. John Lewis Design Project by John Lewis No.090 Rug, Black/White, 170x240cm, £220


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It seems like all the inspiration rooms we’ve been doing lately have had the most beautiful candelabras. And we said this in our last post, but we’re happy to say it again: the high street is totally winning at making candelabras! We’re swooning over all of these candelabras above because of their modern and unique designs. We hope you like them as much as we do!

  1. Habitat Jasper Silver Metal Candelabra, £35
  2. Scandinavian Design Center Kubus 4 Candle Holder, White, £111
  3. Wayfair.co.uk House Doctor Iron Candlestick, £42.79 *(Back in stock on 09/03/18)
  4. Wayfair.co.uk Atipico Esag Ceramic Candlestick, White, £79.99 
  5. John Lewis black+blum Loop Candelabra, 2 Arm, Steel, £28
  6. Ikea PS 2017, White, £10


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One of the biggest perks of modern Scandinavian home decor is that art can be very inexpensive! With websites such as Desenio.co.uk, you can finish off a room without spending too much money at all. We’ve put together our favourite look-alike prints about, including various different Aarhus prints!

  1. Desenio.co.uk Copenhagen Poster, 50x70cm, £21.95
  2. Desenio.co.uk London Poster, 50x70cm, £21.95
  3. Desenio.co.uk Aarhus Poster, 50x70cm, £21.95
  4. Etsy.co.uk Map of Aarhus, Denmark Poster, 61x91cm, £59.76
  5. Zazzle.co.uk Aarhus, Denmark (black on white) Poster, 101.60×152.40cm, £47


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The final touch of the inspiration dining room is the vase, which we think is really special. If you look closely, you can see that the glass is thin, the shape is modern and the cut is clean. Above we’ve offered a few alternatives that we think have the same spirit of modernity. One brand that does modern glassware very well at a high street price is LSA, which is why we’ve included a few picks from that brand. Let us know which you prefer!

  1. John Lewis LSA International Flower Bouquet Flared Vase, H29cm, £40
  2. John Lewis LSA International Flower Rectangular Bunch Vase, Clear, H22cm, £32
  3. Kosta Boda Limelight Tulip Vase, H19.5cm, £55
  4. John Lewis LSA International Column Vase, H36cm, Clear, £45
  5. Habitat JAR Clear Glass Vase, H20cm, £18
  6. IKEA Berakna Vase, Clear, H30cm, £8


We hope you found this post helpful and pleasing to view! Let us know if you have any home design inspiration you’d like for us to make a reality!

Until next time! x

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