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Sleek and Feminine Workspace

Hi Friends! This week we took inspiration from Real Living, a Swedish Interior Stylist and Visual Merchandiser. We love this office space because it’s sleek, clean and feminine.  A no-clutter space that would be great for any #girlboss. As always, we’re big fans of the neutral colour palette that keep this space modern and refined.

In our attempt to replicate this look, we’ve changed the aesthetic a bit to reflect the current high street offerings, but we think we’ve done a good job in keeping our recreation faithful to the spirit of the original design. Let us know what you think!

As always, you can click on any number or hyperlink to purchase your favourite items. 

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We love how simple and functional the desk is in the inspiration look. It’s subtle, but it sets the tone for a clean design, as we think nothing feels and looks quite as good as minimalist design. Luckily this look can be achieved at a very low cost! We’ve found similar designs in Ikea and that won’t break the bank!

  1. Melltorp Table, White, £35
  2. Godvin/ Linnmon, White, £45
  3. Hokku Designs Style 2 Writing Desk, £55
  4. Besta Burs High-gloss White Desk, £150


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Finding a chair that would help replicate the inspiration chair proved to be the trickiest part of this recreation. Just two months ago, West Elm carried a chair just like the inspiration one, but sadly it no longer does. Luckily, it still has some nice chairs. Two of the chairs in our selection are from West Elm, but we’ve also found other alternatives that we think would work well with the space. We’ve even included an especially funky chair from John Lewis (number two) that we think would look super cool in this office space!

  1. West Elm Mid-Century Upholstered Dining Chair, Pink Velvet, £224
  2. John Lewis Philippe Starck for Kartell Masters Chair, Grey, £159
  3. Performance Wool Clemence Dining Chair, Light Grey, £468
  4. John Lewis West Elm Slope Leather Dining Chair, £369
  5. Slub Velvet Elowen Chair, £448


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It’s no secret that we love! It’s the perfect place to find posters that work well in sleek Scandinavian spaces. We’ve brought together some of our favourite posters for this look above. Which is your favourite? Let us know!

  1. She Poster, 50x70cm, £21.95
  2. Smoking Woman Poster, 50x70cm, £22.95
  3. Lady in the Hat Poster, 50x70cm, £21.95
  4. Independence Poster, 50x70cm, £21.95
  5. Ballerina Dancer No2 Poster, 50x70cm, £22.95
  6. Legs Poster, 50x70cm, £22.95


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Just because it holds rubbish doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be beautiful! Right?! We found some really delicate waste bin designs that we think would work really well with the office space design. Our personal favourite is the Habitat design numbered one above.

  1. Macula Gold Mesh Wastepaper Bin, Gold, £20
  2. Deco Charm Gold Wire Waste Bin, £8
  3. John Lewis House by John Lewis White Metal Waste Bin, £10
  4. Windsor Browne Gold Metal Waste Paper Basket Bin, £17.95


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When it came to looking for decorative desk objects, we kind of just went with it! We’ve put together a collage of objects that we think would really finish off the look well. We added a lot of gold-accented items to tie together the rubbish bin and chair hardware with the rest of the look. We also added a cushion that would be a great alternative to the cushion in the inspiration look!

  1. Cushion Cover White With Hidden Zipper Text Words Quotes I Can And I Will In Vinyl, 20x20in, £9.99
  2. Oliver Bonas Large Gold Honeycomb Round Vase, £28
  3. Zara Home Hourglass With a Metal Structure, £29.99
  4. West Elm Eduardo Garza Crystal Object, £69
  5. Oliver Bonas Marble & Brass Desk Clock, £40
  6. Oliver Bonas Brass & Marble Desk Pot, £22
  7. Granny’s Potato Pancakes Recipe with Ceramic Face Vase, £11.18
  8. Selfridges Fornasetti Otto Scented Crystals, £80
  9. Small Ceramic Head Planter, £17.51
  10. Oliver Bonas White Agate Tea Light Holder, £26
  11. H&M Home Tall candlestick, Silver-coloured, £8.99

We hope you found our post helpful, if not just pleasing to view! Let us know if you have any home design inspiration you’d like to make a reality!

Until next time! x

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